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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Medicine Disposal Bin comes to the City of Thousand Oaks

Exciting news! For the past month, I’ve been working as a volunteer to help the City of Thousand Oaks get together information necessary for the installation of a Pharmaceutical collection (medicine disposal) bin. I’m excited to say that as of earlier this week, there is now, officially, a safe and confidential way to dispose of your old and unused medicine, animal medications, vitamins, and other miscellaneous pills you might have lying around.

Here’s the deal. If you flush or throw away old medicine, it seeps into the soil. Wastewater treatment plants currently do not have methods to filter out these pharmaceutical contaminants. While it is unknown what effects these excess medicines have on aquatic or human life, it can’t be good.

So next time you’re spring cleaning, please bring your pill over to the Thousand Oaks Police Department and drop them in the white mailbox-looking bin. I understand you may read, “Police Department” and question the confidentiality, but really they’re not going to track you down. They just want this stuff off the streets and out of the hands of abusers. As for me? I really just don’t want to grow a third eyeball and fish are my friend!

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